Visitor Management

Tired of using handwritten paper logs?  The traditional manual visitor log book isn’t really helping you in monitoring the people visiting your office. Besides of requiring too much paper, your visitors are required to sign in/out at the same entrance making it impossible to link multiple locations into your system. ZKTeco made it easy for you. With our visitor management solution, we have designed to increase the level of security while reducing the workload of the personnel in-charge.

Without manually turning the pages of a log book, our solution makes you track the visitors quickly and easily just by accessing the software. You will have the ability to categorize the information and see a visitor’s data at any given time. Making reports is also made easy by just exporting the records with the visitor’s information.

ZKTeco eliminated the use of paper logs and enhanced the way of managing the visitors in a professional manner.


  • Visitor Management in colleges and universities, small or large corporations, public and government institutions, hotel and resorts, trade shows and conferences, organizations and institutions.


  • Accuracy

The information of the visitor is tracked quickly and easily without using any visitor log books. You can either type or scan the ID of the visitors without requiring too much time for the visitors to wait.

  • Easier Access of the Visitor Logs

With the information of the visitor stored in the software, you will have the ability to search, sort, analyze, and retrieve any visitor information at any given time in an organized manner. At the same time, you can easily make reports out of the visitor activity. And in case of emergency evacuation, you can report which visitors were present in the building at that time.

  • Linking Multiple Locations

Visitors are not required to sign in/out at the same entrance. With the ability of linking multiple locations, you can track the visitors with high level security.