Attendance Management

  • How to know the directory of the T&A software?

    Click the right key of your Attendance Management software on the desktop, choose “properties” and you can find the directory of the software.

  • How to activate the software?

    Method 1: open the software, it will ask you to activate, choose “Yes”, then choose activate device, connect the device with PC, and set the communication, then click “Connect”. It will activate the software. In our User Guide there are details. Method 2: New a file name Attlic.hdd in the install directory, open it with WordPad, write “8888” then save and close. Open the Attendance Management, tell us the number in the Dialog Box rye, we will give you a login number, and you can activate software.

  • When I operate with the software, it flip a dialog box ”wanting register sort”, why?

    Because you have ever installed our several software, and deleted some of it. You can deal with the file named zkemkeeper.dll in the directory of the software. The method is: Click ”Start”à”Run”, input”regsyr32” and the directory of zkemkeeper.dll. click ”OK”, it will be all right.

  • As the administrator changed or forget password reason, can not? enter the program, what will I to do?

    The computer has to have been installed Office2000 at first, then enter the attendance program installing catalog, find the tt2000.mdb file, double-click, and find the ‘user info’ list in the appear interface, double-click, to find ‘security flags’ word, cancel all figure of list in the sentence (15 indicate administrator).

  • What do I need to do if I forgot the password of database?

    Enter ‘maintenance and setting’ of management program, click on the ‘setting password of database’, then no need to verify old password, so can set up new password of database.

  • While inquiring attendance record, selecting the highest department, and selecting all staff, why I cannot see record?

    (1)it is maybe the data record time expire inquire range, want to watch the origin record time, must open attendance database (att2000.mdb), enter check-in-out list, can see all origin record, prove that origin attendance record is in the range which you inquire, specific attention year; (2)it is maybe that add a highest department after the general company name was canceled, finish installing the default highest department general company can not be cancel, but it is able to be modify in attendance.

  • I have done shift but why there are no result of account and statistics indicate leave, come late, and one early?

    First enter management to check the setup shift, in normal condition the name of shift corresponding right time box appear in blue color, if there isn’t any problem, enter staff shift list, watch the starting date of staff shift, the starting date is before the account and statistics time range, isn’t it? If it isn’t, arrange shift again, fix new starting date.

  • How to cancel the schedule which have been set up?

    You can add an empty schedule, then use the empty schedule change the schedule which will be cancel in arranging staff, enter schedule management to cancel corresponding schedule, OK.

  • Why the data which has been loaded down and stored record is litter than loaded down data?

    while loaded down and record, the attendance program can determine loaded down record, the repeat record will be cancel automatically, the stored record will not be store again.

  • Why the loaded record appear, but I cannot find it while inquire?

    Confirm time range you inquire is accord with attendance time of loaded record, or it’s not. can watch attendance record day, month, year, after loaded down record, or open database (att2000.mdb), enter check-in-out scheduler, can see all origin record, confirm time of attendance origin record is among the range of inquire, pay attention years record specifically, some independence equipment set time is not real, result in attendance record time isn’t correct.

  • I have punch the attendance normally, but it is showing I'm away at work without leave or good reason.

    Examine your period time setting first, confirm your attendance record is among the range of check-out time, example, you setup the check-out time is from 17:00 to 18:00, you check-out time record is16:30, so that the record is invalid, system will indicate neglect afternoon (in attendance rule, no check-out is neglect) next, examine you attendance time is correct, or it’s not,

  • There are "come late" and "gone early" in the attendance account and statistics shift but it's not in the record.

    Please examine the setting of attendance account in attendance rule, see if‘on duty check-in record: come late/gone early’have been sign or have not, if it have been labeled so that the neglect system will indicate come late/gone early.

  • Leaders of the company don't require chick-in/out but their attendance demands an account, how will I set it?

    (1)enter attendance setting under staff maintenance, cancel valid attendance; (2)set up a period time of unnecessary to check-in-out, produce a schedule, the schedule is used to account with staff. OK.

  • Why cannot I add new schedule in shift management?

    The program needs to be setup with time period of shift then it can set up with schedule. Please see the time period of shift if it is set or not.

  • How to update the software?

    Download the update program from our web www.zksoftware.com. Double click it, input the directory of your software, then click ”OK”.

  • When calculating the query, the system flip a dialog box, "Invalid floating point operation", how to solve it?

    Set the Min unit for every leave in the “Establish Normal Leave Class”, save and exit the software, then open the software again.

  • How to set fixed overtime?

    In “Shift Timetable Maintenance”, add a new timetable, then choose the time segment for fixed overtime, and click the “Count OT”, set the minutes of count OT.

  • How to set alternative shift?

    In our User Guide there is a example, you can consult it.

  • Why are the state of checking records “check-in” in the Attendance Checking Record?

    This is because you use Bioclock I/II, the default value is check-in, but it doesn’t affect the Attendance Calculation. If you use the device with state key, it will show the right state of checking records.

  • When I delete employee A, and enroll a new employee B with the number which A have used before, it flips the dialog box, why?

    This is because you just make A Staff Leaving Posts, not Staff Resign. You can find him if Staff Leaving Posts. If you want to delete the employee, you should choose Staff Resign.

  • How to modify attendance report?

    1. Open the Attendance Management Attendance Calculation. 2. Click “Calculate”, after calculating, press Ctrl+F11, it will appear a check box named Report Designer. 3. Pitch on the check box, click report preview, click the report which you want to modify, and then you can modify it? 4. After modifying, save and exit. 5. If you want to preview the report, please don’t choose Report Designer, then click the report which you want to preview.

  • What shall I notice when I use After ** mins. Leaving count as OT?

    Make the time of check out longer, and make sure it contain the real time of check out, or it will be marked as FOT, not OT directly.

  • How does the software support other languages?

    We store the language files in the localefile of att.dat, the system supports three languages: Simplified Chinese is attcheckin.chs, English is attcheckin.en, Traditional Chinese is attcheckin.cht. We advice you install the system over again if you want to replace language. If you want it to support other language, please modify as below: A example of Arabic language. 1. Translate the content of attcheckin.en into Arabic, and you’d better named it as attcheckin.alb. 2. Change the value of localefile in att.dat as attacheckin.alb. 3. Modify the report files as Arabic in RptList_e.cfg. (English Report) 4. Modify the word as Arabic in LeavClass table and LeaveClass1 table of the database. 5. Restart the Attendance Management.

Standalone Fingerprint

  • Some user's fingerprint often can't be verified, how can I solve the problem?

    The following situations can result in a terminal not being able to verify a fingerprint: (1) Fingerprint was rubbed down; (2) Too many crinkles on fingerprint; (3) Serious desquamation of fingers. If the user’s fingerprint is not able to be verified, please delete it then enroll it again, or use a different finger for enrollment instead. Select the best fingers to enroll (less crinkles, no desquamation, etc.). When enrolling a user please make sure that the finger covers the biggest area it can on the sensor. Do a verification test right after enrollment. It is recommended to enroll more than one fingerprint per user.

  • What will cause a communication error between the software and the terminal?

    Possible reasons: (1) Wrong COM setting, COM port chosen is not the COM port actually used. (2) Baud rate setting on computer COM port and fingerprint terminal is different. (3) The fingerprint terminal is not connected to power or to the computer. (4) Wrong terminal No. selected. (5) The data cable or converter is faulty. (6) Faulty COM port on computer.

  • The LCD doesn’t display correctly after I switched on the unit, sometimes a black stripe displays on screen, how can I solve this?

    (1) The main board of the terminal is faulty. Contact your supplier and return products to be repaired. (2) Internal characteristic problem on LCD, you need contact your supplier and return products to be repaired.

  • How to eliminate the administrator on a terminal?

    Make sure the terminal and the computer is connected, go into device management in the software and click on the manage label page, click cancel administrator button, then eliminate it, after connection halts, T&A menu mode occurred.

  • Why does the terminal beep twice after I try to connect with the unit?

    When connecting to the unit using RS232 communications then the baud rate on the terminal and the software is not the same. If using RS-485 communication, it might be the two communication wires swapped around or the two wires are touching each other.

  • When I turn on the terminal it displays “Remove finger” time after time ?

    Possible reasons: (1) The fingerprint sensor is dirty or scratched. If it is dirty you can use adhesive tape to remove it. (2) The connected wire to the fingerprint sensor is loose. (3) The chip responsible for the fingerprint sensor is faulty. Contact your supplier if no 2 or 3 is suspected.

  • When I try to download the attendance record from the terminal to the software, it shows failure or mistake midway into the communication, but when I download fingerprint templates or other management setting from terminal it works fine ?

    This can be the result of the communication cable, converter or COM port on the computer being faulty. This can affect the baud rate on the communications. Set the baud rates to 9600 or 19200 then try again.

  • Why is there no voice on my terminal?

    The speaker or voice chip is faulty

  • When I power up my terminal the startup bar cycles through but does not enter into the main idle screen?

    Please check that the fingerprint sensor wire is not loose or broken. Send it back for repair, if it is not the reason for your problem..

  • The time on the terminal is sometimes slower than it is supposed to be ?

    The clock crystal might be faulty.

  • Time is ”00:00” after I reboot my terminal, why?

    The battery in the terminal may be faulty, please send back to your supplier for repairs.

  • Why is there no beeps on pressing keys or a voice on my terminal?

    The buzzer, speaker or circuitry is faulty.

Online Sign-In

  • How to cancel password of online check- in procedure?

    Use notepad to open Attcheckin.dat under catalogue of procedure installation: LastCheckTime = 37935.4607619213, WaintingUploadUsers=NJY2DQ050TkNcg==, AdminUser=111.

  • How to cancel the password of the fingerprint Admin procedure?

    Open Att2000.mdb database, secondly, open USERINFO form, then you will see there is a line in USERID, (How many Admins there are ,how many the line there will be), then delete it. Thirdly, Setup the value of Privilege in UserInfo to 0.

  • When I connect the Fingerprint scanner to PC, why is there no response of Check In Procedure?

    Please check whether or not there is a pop up ”no license” on the right of the Check In procedure .If there is, please contact us.

  • When I open Checkin program, it shows: “Couldn’t find uru sensor which connect to PC” or “There is no useable license”.

    Please confirm that you connected the uru sensor, then check whether or not there is a “Biometric” tab in the device manager, then check whether or not there is “Biokey 200 Fingerprint Reader by ZKSoftware Inc. under Biometric. If there is no such info, maybe be URU couldn’t be connected or the terminal’s usb is broken, please try another PC. If usb port of the terminal isn’t faulty, your uru is broken, please contact us. If there are above info, there is no license of this uru, please contact us.

  • Why does my PC hang when loading the Check In program?

    The driver of the uru scanner might be faulty. Please uninstall and reinstall the driver. To fully uninstall the driver please use the following steps: (1) Run the “add/delete” procedure on control panel, uninstall driver of Fingerprint scanner; (2) Run “Regedit.exe” in “Run” then delete the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software\ DigitalPersona; (3) Delete DP*.dll under Windows\system; (4) Delete Program files\DigitalPersona.

  • After upgrading the T&A system, the employee couldn’t verify when Check In, how to solve this problem?

    When installing the fingerprint scanner driver procedure, you need to write in a 16 digit number, if you don’t write in 1234567890123456,pls prepare HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DigitalPersona in Regedit.exe.

  • How to upgrade version 1.6 to 1.8?(How to upgrade U. R. U2000 to U. R. U4000)

    (a) At first, please backup Key of which install the driver. Backup method: open Regedit, then choose “[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Digital Persona]”,click “files” in the menu -> “export…”,then export the regedit to files. it is important to update the version. If you operate it incorrectly it will lead to incompatible for the fingerprint temples of U. R. U2000/U. R. U4000; (b) after backup, uninstall old driver, restart Pc and install Biokey200/U. R. U4000 driver (c) output backup Regedit file to Regedit. finish upgrading driver; (d) download upgrade-program of online T&A software, then install it to catalogue which you used now, system will give a hint whether or not cover original files; (e) finish upgrading.

  • How to modify the interface of the online T&A software?

    Please refer to the ATTFACE.DOC file under the subdirectory of the T&A software.

  • When I right click there is no way to change the interface, how to solve this problem?

    Open the attchecin.dat file under the catalogue of T&A procedure, find the ModifyFace setting from 0 to 1,save and ESC.

Fingerprint Access Control

  • How to set the vacancy in a Time zone?

    Directly input 0 and save.

  • How to set “whether use time zone or not”?

    When all users' time zone is 0, the display of "whether use time zone" should be "Yes".

  • How to set the Wiegand output?

    Wiegand 26: with Device ID: PeeeeeeeeEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOP Checking Bit:E :even, O:odd, e Device ID,E UserID. No DeviceID: PEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOP.

  • What baud rate is suitable for a RS485 connection?

    We still recommend 38400 for it.

  • How to change the language of the software interface?

    The default language of our software is simple Chinese, tradition Chinese and English .The files which to the software to are zkemnetman.chs, zkemnetman.cht, zkemnetman.en. Please change the zkemnetman.en file if you want to change English into other language.