Time Attendance Management

Loss of wages, unproductivity of employees, business is going down… These are just some of the end result of unmonitored company. That is why ZKTeco eliminated the possibility of employees coming to work as buddy punching or asking for fabricated overtimes. Companies can now prevent loss of wages while improving work productivity since the development of fingerprint-based device. Corporations and public and government institutions can also enjoy diverse work hour tracking and monitoring features in calculating compensations for business trips, special assignments, overtimes, and work shifts in addition to the employee’s regular time of coming and leaving at work.

The accurate results can be easily and accurately reflected on the wage calculation and human resources management. The work hour solution of ZKTeco is capable of fast fingerprint authentication and so, allowing the data entry to be recorded immediately as it is generated without any delay even during the morning and afternoon rush hour. By processing the work hour data generated by the system, the Human Resource Department can lessen the loads and improve their work performance.

Also, it will enable the company to have a centralized time and attendance management with their employees working at different locations and the data necessary for various decision-making will be effectively collected and redirected. With ZKTeco, any business or institution can have the optimal system by connecting it to their own or other existing systems empowering a management innovation that solves any possible work hour management problem while saving the wage costs and structure.


  • Work hour management and calculation of wages and overtimes at corporations and public and government institutions.
  • Work hour management for part time and full time employees at factories, construction sites, and franchise stores.
  • Attendance management at schools and universities.


  • Quick Return on Investment

Using the fingerprint or face recognition technology will allow you to have accurate information and fast confirmation of a person’s real identity thus, eliminating the possibility of illegal activities and wasted times.

  • World’s Fastest Processing Speed

With its built-in fingerprint and face recognition technology that have the world’s fastest authentication speed, the system allows institutions with huge number of employees to process the identification check faster and more convenient without the use of any cards.

  • Effective System Management

Work hour and human resource management for multiple branches in different locations can be handled easily at a central office with the use of TCP/IP-based network.

  • Flexible Scalability

The work hour data administered by the fingerprint and face recognition system can interwork with other accounting, wage management, and ERP systems. The system can communicate with diverse database and software by using the software development kit that comes with the system or by using software with report-generating options.

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